Elite Scuba Diver

SCUBA Skills Update – If you plan on diving on your upcoming vacation, but you haven't been diving in the past year, many resorts will require that you have a SCUBA skills update to make sure that you remember everything necessary to stay safe while diving. This class is also great for people who haven't been diving in a long time and need a quick refresher or want to familiarize themselves with new advances in SCUBA.

  • The SCUBA Skills update is preformed in one of our pools or can be arranged as an outing to one of our amazing dive sites.  The SCUBA Skills Update consists of a short video.  Gear assembly / disassembly, in water re-affirmation of skills and a review of neutral buoyancy all with one of our highly trained dive leaders. 
  • Pool Updates
  • Requires you to have a Mask, Snorkel, Booties and Fins.  We will provide any missing equipment. The cost is $125
  • Ocean Updates
  • Requires the same as the pool update plus the rental of a full set of gear.  The cost is $225 plus your rental fees and travel to the dive site.

Minimum Standards?