Elite Scuba Diver

 The Elite Scuba Diver Difference

Learn to dive with the professionals at the Elite Scuba Divers. We offer the NAUI and Divers Alert Network (DAN) Certification's, internationally recognized certification programs that we consider to be the finest in the world.  Our instructors teach courses that are fun, but also stress the techniques needed to become a safe and comfortable diver. If you are in good health and free from heart and lung problems, you can learn to SCUBA dive.

Our training program involves a study system which utilizes online training, text books, workbooks, and DVDs to thoroughly prepare our students in the academics of diving. Even though we have excellent training material we believe that quality instruction requires time with an experienced leader to personally reinforce the important issues and lead by example.  Our pool and ocean sessions maintain a 2:1 student to dive leader ratio.  This is to ensure the time in the water is as productive as possible.  All of our dive leaders believe in the loved one concept.  Our final metric is simple. Would we want you to dive with our Son, Daughter or loved one.

Minimum Standards?