Elite Scuba Diver

At Elite Scuba Diver we use a multi step process for learning. 

  1. eLearning - Interactive with Instructor.
  2. DVD Video
  3. Instructional Materials including Text Book and Workbook.
  4. Lecture time to reinforce the important items.
  5. Lecture time to clarify any issues.
  6. In pool time with a minimum of 6 pool sessions.
  7. Ocean time with a minimum of 4 dives and an option to add 4 additional dives.
  8. Same Instructor start to finish for consistent training and information.

A prerequesite for our training is First Aid, CPR and AED.  if you do not have a current certification we can train you to meet this requirement.

Durring our training we teach you how to be a diver.  Part of being a responsible diver is dealing with a diver in distress.  Divers commonly dive with friends or family.

Minimum Standards?