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Elite Scuba Diver is committed to delivering the highest quality scuba related training, travel and charter services.  Elite Scuba Diver services recognize that there are many different dive training classes to get certified.  Our clients don’t just expect to get certified but expect to truly be trained to dive.  Our clients expect our travel services to be the very best among the providers of scuba services.  Our clients expect and deserve the very best that Elite Scuba Diver has to offer. 

Elite Scuba Diver believes in the core basics.


Every client of Elite Scuba Diver deserves the clearest non bias service and training.


Every Client of Elite Scuba Diver expects our services to be able to deliver without any shortcuts.


Every client of Elite Scuba Diver expects to be regarded and treated with the highest level of respect when utilizing our services.


A NAUI and SSI Divemaster with hundreds of dives under her weight belt.  Most of them are in the Northern California waters.  Underwater archeology and underwater survey diving is her passion.  Dawna is a Reef Check survey diver and enjoys educating divers who really want to learn.  Dawna has worked in dive shops making her proficient in many types of gear.  Dawna is one of the teaching staff of the Sonoma State university SCUBA Diving program.  Donna has a degree in Anthropology with an emphasis in pre-history archeology.  Dawna is a Dry Suit diver that loves jewelry.  Ask her about her Rose Gold regulator.

Dean is a NAUI Instructor Trainer, SSI Divecon Instructor, PADI Instructor and a DAN Instructor Trainer.  Dean has certifications from the major equipment manufacturers including Aqualung, Scubapro, Aeries, Oceanic, Hollis, Atomic, and Mares Expert Lab technician.  Dean has worked as a Paramedic in San Francisco, as a Network Engineer with his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Cisco Certifications.  Dean is one of four instructors with the Sonoma State University SCUBA Diving program.  Dean is a Public Saftey Diver and instructor for the Solano County Dive Rescue Team and the Sonoma County Dive Rescue Team.  Dean has been diving for almost 30 years with most of the time in the Northern California waters.

The fundamental basics of Elite Scuba Diver are to commit to the highest quality in our industry.  Build personalized long –term relationships with our clients based on our core basics and our superior service.

Please take the time to contact us and learn what it is to become an Elite Scuba Diver.


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