Elite Scuba Diver

Full Face Mask - This a continuing education certification course for Certified Scuba divers who desire greater knowledge and training  in the safe use of underwater Full Fase Mask (FFM)  You will be trained on Guardian Full Face masks.  If you have an Ocean Reef, Deviator MKII / AGA or a Kirby Morgan EXO FFM this is your couse.  We will train on your mask of choice.

You will learn to
Identify parts
Basic Care and Maintenance
Identify Likely Problems encountered with FFM Diving
Propper Donning and Doffing
Equalization with FFM
Ambient Breaghing Valve (ABV) use
Testing Non Return Valve if equiped for Surface Supplied Air.
Proper use of Air Block if used with Surface Supplied air.
Basic Hand Signals
Communications demonstration and use if requested
Emergency Diving skills with FFM
Clearing FFM

Minimum Standards?