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Open Water Diver– If you want to become a prepared confident diver, this class is for you! This class will teach you all the basics of diving, including how to use diving equipment, buoyancy control, adapting to the underwater environment, use dive computers, and most importantly, how to be safe when you're diving.


Open Water Diver

The best way to start your adventure in SCUBA!

Learn to dive with the experienced instructors at Elite Scuba Divers.  The Open Water Certification is internationally recognized and ranked as one of the best introductory dive certification programs in the world.  Our goal is to train divers to be both safe and competent for maximum enjoyment of the underwater world.

Begin your certification training by meeting with one of our Elite Scuba Diver Staff members. Through the guidance of one of our highly professional instructors, your eLearning and your class Materials, you will learn the basics of diving, such as putting your gear together, maintaining buoyancy, and how to read your dive tables.  

Students are then required to demonstrate their understanding of the materials in the open water.  We offer trips to Monterey, Sonoma Coast,  Lake Tahoe and destinations of your choice, where you are tested on your knowledge and certified as a scuba diver.

Extras that are not included in the cost of the class.
Each student must provide their own personal snorkeling equipment - mask, fins, snorkel, and boots.   

We are well versed in all major brands of SCUBA equipment,  our staff will be happy to assist you in the proper selection of your equipment. 

Rental of the SCUBA equipment for the Open Water Dives is available

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